Website Maintenance Reminder

December 4, 2018By AmyWebsite Maintenance

Website maintenance is important to keep you site secure and working as intended. With the WordPress 5.0 update now planned for December 6, 2018, it is more important than ever to have your website up-to-date and ready. This update brings a new WordPress editor called Gutenberg. The classic editor will no longer exist! Here is … Read More

Website and UX Design — From a Designer’s Perspective

January 15, 2018By AmyDesign

This is a condensed version of a design talk I gave at WordCamp Portland, Maine and WordCamp Boston. I spoke at several events during the year — pushing myself out of my comfort zone. It was a great experience and also a lot of work! Visual Design Visual Design blends typography, color, space, texture, and … Read More

Securing Your Website with HTTPS

March 15, 2017By AmySEO, Web Development

HTTPS migration – you can do it and this is why This is the subject of a talk I recently gave at the Boston WordPress Meetup. It really is a bandwagon that we need to jump on! Every site I develop going forward will be HTTPS and I am converting many older sites as well. … Read More

Boston UXPA16 Conference

June 14, 2016By AmyUX, Working Well

I attended the Boston User Experience Professionals’ Association Conference (UXPA) on Friday, April 29th. There were 5 tracks – UX Research, Design, Strategy, Service Design & Career Development, and over 30 speakers. As a designer, I usually go to web design and WordCamp conferences, but UX is an integral part of the web design process; … Read More

How to add an Payment Form to WordPress

April 13, 2016By AmyWeb Development

I recently adding a payment form to WordPress using the payment gateway. I found some great resources that I want to share as well as the steps I took to implement the HTML5 payment form. Four steps towards implementing the secure payment (or donation) form: 1. Get a dedicated IP address and SSL Certificate … Read More

Secure website forms with Google reCAPTCHA

March 22, 2016By AmyWeb Development

Instructions to add Google reCAPTCHA to WordPress forms using the Contact Form 7 plugin Easily make your website forms more secure with Google reCAPTCHA. Google reCAPTCHA brings state of the art spam & abuse protection to your website and is easy on your users. Log in to your Google account to get reCAPTCHA Add a … Read More

Keys to Effective Interpretive Panels

December 17, 2015By AmyInspiration

Interpretive panels are not simply information panels. Their purpose is to facilitate connections between the meanings in the resource and the interests of the visitor, provoking interest and effecting change in knowledge, attitude, and behavior. There are three basic qualities of a “good” interpretive panel: attractiveness, brevity, and clarity. Attractiveness, as portrayed in appropriate colors, … Read More

Why You Need a Data Backup Plan

December 17, 2015By AmyWorking Well

We have a lot of valuable files on our computers! Family photos, videos from our summer vacation, and in some cases business documents. As a freelance graphic designer, I have client work that I can’t lose so it is necessary to have a good backup strategy. I have experienced hard drive failure–several times. All is … Read More

How to Transfer Large Files

December 10, 2015By AmyWorking Well

Sending your client an email with a large file attachment is often not permitted, considered rude, or could overload their account. There are a lot of ways to transfer or store large files for others to retrieve. I really like Onehub. It is very easy to upload and send files. It includes download confirmation, a … Read More

Custom Installation of SquirrelMail

August 3, 2010By AmyWeb Development

I ventured into the waters of setting up my own SquirrelMail web-based email application on Bluehost – and haven’t seen any sharks yet! Bluehost provides webmail via SquirrelMail, Horde or RoundCube. They are great options but I found that SquirrelMail didn’t have many (if any) plug-ins installed–even the spell checker! Some browsers, esp. Firefox, do … Read More