How to Transfer Large Files

December 10, 2015By AmyWorking Well

Sending your client an email with a large file attachment is often not permitted, considered rude, or could overload their account. There are a lot of ways to transfer or store large files for others to retrieve. I really like Onehub. It is very easy to upload and send files. It includes download confirmation, a … Read More

Custom Installation of SquirrelMail

August 3, 2010By AmyWeb Development

I ventured into the waters of setting up my own SquirrelMail web-based email application on Bluehost – and haven’t seen any sharks yet! Bluehost provides webmail via SquirrelMail, Horde or RoundCube. They are great options but I found that SquirrelMail didn’t have many (if any) plug-ins installed–even the spell checker! Some browsers, esp. Firefox, do … Read More