Boston UXPA16 Conference

June 14, 2016By AmyUX, Working Well

I attended the Boston User Experience Professionals’ Association Conference (UXPA) on Friday, April 29th. There were 5 tracks – UX Research, Design, Strategy, Service Design & Career Development, and over 30 speakers. As a designer, I usually go to web design and WordCamp conferences, but UX is an integral part of the web design process; … Read More

Why You Need a Data Backup Plan

December 17, 2015By AmyWorking Well

We have a lot of valuable files on our computers! Family photos, videos from our summer vacation, and in some cases business documents. As a freelance graphic designer, I have client work that I can’t lose so it is necessary to have a good backup strategy. I have experienced hard drive failure–several times. All is … Read More

How to Transfer Large Files

December 10, 2015By AmyWorking Well

Sending your client an email with a large file attachment is often not permitted, considered rude, or could overload their account. There are a lot of ways to transfer or store large files for others to retrieve. I really like Onehub. It is very easy to upload and send files. It includes download confirmation, a … Read More