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Preserve Services

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Preserve Services is a professionally managed, local home improvement business. They hired me to design customer-focused and franchisee-focused websites. I designed and built the two websites as a WordPress multi-site, which shares the same brand and visual elements but with different content for each target audience.

A user-friendly estimate form gathers customer information in a two-step process that removes confusion by using a pop-up to hold the form. Brand color, icons, and large buttons also improve the user experience.

I added the franchisee businesses to Google Business Profiles for each location to improve their local search rankings. The franchisees get reviews from their clients and show up on Google maps, while also benefiting from the franchise branding.

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Form pop-up

Free estimate form design using a pop-up box to eliminate distractions, large buttons with icons, and a multi-step layout to keep it short.

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