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Website Optimization

Website optimization is becoming more and more important with the proliferation of mobile devices. It is also a ranking factor in Google search. There is no reason to have a slow website anymore. Throughout the web design process attention is paid to website optimization as well as testing and final optimization when launching.

It may be a temptation to say that you don't want to spend money on optimizing your website. But, having a fast website makes your visitor's experience better and that makes them happy and, as it turns out, it also helps improve your SEO. But what if you aren't selling anything? Do you still need a fast website? Yes, every website should be as light-weight and fast loading as possible. Many of the core tasks below are implemented quickly and make a measurable difference in your website loading time. Why make your customers or visitors wait?

I perform the following website optimization tasks that deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

Image Optimization

  • Add an image optimizer plugin like EWWW Image Optimizer or
  • Use images at the correct size - TinyPNG compresses images
  • Use PhotoShop or an online image resizer to upload images in the correct dimensions

Leverage Browser Caching

  • Install a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or
  • Leveraged browser caching via .htaccess file

Content Delivery Network (CDN)


  • W3 Total Cache takes care of this
  • Minify CSS, JavaScript and HTML files
  • Compress components with gzip with a W3 Total Cache or via the .htaccess file

Reduce Server Response Time

  • Use a good hosting company
  • Have enough bandwidth for expected website traffic

Eliminate Render-blocking JavaScript

Remove Query Strings (those "?" in the URL don't get cached)

Test - Use a mix of tests repeatedly

Read about my website design and development process and a more detailed website optimization blog post is coming soon.